Mass Effect 3 is LESS THEN A MONTH AWAY! With the official demo being released on February 14 anticipation is HIGH for this mega buster of a video game.

Bioware has released a couple of videos today showcasing some of the new features Mass Effect has to offer. First off we have a look at the enemies you’ll be facing in ME3, including at the beginning of the video a super Cerberus ninja, Kai Leng. Enjoy!

Another video showing the “Adrenaline-Pumping GamePlay” of Mass Effect 3

The amazing new customizable  gear elements found in Mass Effect 3

The new level of attention brought to the integration of storytelling into Mass Effect 3

Anddd Of course, Multiplayer. Will you love it? Let’s Find out!

In other news Bioware has relaunched the Mass Effect 3 website.

Click here to Explore and Enjoy!