The world of Mass Effect is an exciting and wonderous place where thousands of different species intermingle to create galactic harmony. With Mass Effect 3 right around the corner I know many of you are dusting off your copies of Mass Effect 2 and starting another play through. Well here in the Easter Egg section of the site we’ll show some of the little tid bits you might have missed the first time around, will these completely change your playing experience? No. Is speculating on the sexual appeal of the Asari amazing? Yes.


First up we have one of- if not THE best line in the Mass Effect franchise. You just picked up some higher quality food supplies for your mess cook, and the crew- is happy.

Next up a conversation on Illium where a group of species discuss whether or not the stripper on the table is using mind control techniques to summon the money from their wallets.

and lastly a tid bit that most Mass Effect players missed. In Illium you have the option to meet an asari matriarch, she is gruff and ugly. Then suddenly after you imbibe on some rare galactic booze she becomes a beauty queen! See for yourself

More Easter Eggs to come! Enjoy!