This recipe is from the amazingly talented Stephanie Lackie, who is wearing those killer shades to the left. A graduate of the Humber Culinary management program and an incredibly skilled baker, Stephanie has agreed to share her aged wisdom on soft delicious treats with the world. She is currently working at the legendary bakery, “Wanda’s Pie in the Sky.” If you like this recipe for the most decadent cookies known to man then head over to this Toronto hotspot and demand the “Lackie Special” ENJOY!~


Do you think French Toast needs something more? The insane food scientists at Pure Sophistry have created some thick slabs of breakfast goodness that are ready for your gaping mouth……Powerful Imagery……..



                                                                                                 1 loaf of Raisin Bread

Cup of Milk

5 Eggs

2-3 Teaspoons of Cinnamon and 1 Teaspoon of Nutmeg

Assorted Fruit and PLENTYYYY of Syrup

Step 1

Cut your bread into inch wide pieces. If you can, try to get a more stale bread. The more stale the bread, the more likely the texture will be consistent all the way through!

Step 2

Take your eggs, milk and spice and mix them all into a bowl until combined and that spices are dispersed throughout, like so!

 (Thumbs up is optional)

 Step 3

Heat a pan on medium heat, then divert your attention to the bread.

Dip the bread into the egg mixture on both sides until just soaked through.

Step 4

Place each delicious piece on the non-stick pan for about a minute to two minutes on each side

 OR until golden brown, it’s better to be to early than too long 

Step 5

Now for the best part, take your delicious treats, plate them in a brick house shape add fruit, sryup and enjoy.