It’s here.

The franchise that defined a generation is coming to close. Expect a full-length video review up on the game soon. In the meantime here are few Easter eggs and tid bits you might have missed as you travelled the Galaxy trying to defeat an immortal threat!

Meeting with Yeoman Kelly Chambers!

Your once sexpot ships guide is back but this time she is dirty, sad and wearing much more clothing.

Find her on the Citadel, and PRO TIP: Tell her to change her appearance. It’s for the best.

Refund Guy FINALLY Gets a Refund

Ever since the first game this poor soul has been searching, nay begging the galactic powers that be to give him a refund!

Finally, thanks to Shepard. He’s got it.

Poking Leads to Poo!

I don’t want to give toooo much away here, basically when you head to Sur’Kesh. Go up top and fiddle with some knobs.

See what happens!