It’s still here!

As mentioned in the first section of this Easter Egg extraaaaaaaaaaavaganza Mass Effect 3 is coming to a close and that means millions of gamers everywhere are taking their time delaying the inevitably upsetting end to their Shepard. So here at Pure Sophistry we thought we’d lighten the mood by dropping in some Easter Eggs from the current game you might have missed – in order to catch up make sure you check out part one as well!  

Shepard Drunk on the Citadel

A classic past time in Mass Effect 2, one of the most memorable moments was getting a little tipsy with a Turian on the Citadel. This time around you get can get drunk once again except this time you wake up beside  a much more beautiful face.

 Meeting Liara’s Father

Liara T’soni. Trusted companion. Fine Ass. Finally find out where that fine ass came from!
Sidenote: What happens if Liara and her Father breed again? Mind Blown.

Death of Charr

Who knew a Krogans death could mean so much? If you recall in Mass Effect 2 you had the option to reunite a fueding Asari and Krogan. Things didn’t out well in the end.

A full review coming your way!