The Cup Cakes Have Landed

It was a diabetic’s worst nightmare at BioWare Studios today as 402 multicolored cup cakes landed on their doorstep. The tasty treats were sent by members of the group RetakeME3, an organization over 50 thousand strong dedicated to changing the endings of BioWare’s recent game Mass Effect 3. The Cup Cake Campaign was organized by RetakeME3 member Sam who, with the help of the community, was able to fund raise the 1005 dollars needed for the project in less than 30 minutes.

In addition to the delicious morsels, donating members were able to send a small message to BioWare expressing their dissatisfaction with the endings of Mass Effect 3. The Cup Cakes were color coordinated in such a way as to poke fun at the lack of real choice in the conclusion of Mass Effect 3, which (like the Cup Cakes) may have different-colored icing but underneath…it’s all vanilla.

Here’s an update from Shadow Wrought about the status of our cupcakes:

“Hey there. Just got off the phone with the shellter. The cupcakes went over really well. Lots of colored tongues and the kids appreciated it. I also got calrification for the people thinking it was a bit of a waste with ony ’28’ kids eating the cupcakes. The number is actually false. The shelter operates in more than 1 location and overall they can see upwards of 100 kids in a single day (The 28 is more for the kids living there, not those who pop in off the streets during the day). On top of that 100 cupcakes are going into the freezer to be taken out in a month or so for a barbeque.

The woman also told me shes sending Bioware a card but wanted to send us a thank you also. Ill pass that on when i get it in my email :P”

BioWare employees received the Cup Cakes today at around 2 o’clock, and in response to this creative objection community organizer Chris Priestly had this to say:

Hi Everyone

Today, we received the 400 cupcakes you collectively sent us through your donations to express your feelings about the endings of Mass Effect 3. We want you to know; we are indeed listening to all fan response and acknowledge your feedback. We appreciate creative and thoughtful attempts like this one.

The gesture certainly gained our attention both with its creativity and deliciousness. However, while we do appreciate that fans were creative in how they expressed their views, after a lot of discussion, we decided ultimately the reason that they were sent was not done in the context of celebrating the work or accomplishment of the Mass Effect 3 team. This is a subtle, but important aspect in determining how to pass the feedback to the team.

BioWare regularly works with many deserving charities, as such it was decided that rather than passing out the cupcakes to staff or wasting good food, to donate them on behalf of our fans to a local Edmonton youth shelter. We know that for the kids that have to use this facility, something as simple as a cupcake is a rare treat and would definitely brighten up their day. Thank you to the fine folks at the local youth shelter for accepting the donation and to the fans who donated the cupcakes.

Please keep providing your feedback on Mass Effect 3, we’re still listening.

An answer that was met with a mixed response by the community, with many hailing BioWare for their philanthropic work and others condemning them for their lack of understanding of this good-gestured desire for change.

Sam, the Cup Cake Campaign creator, responded today by saying:  “I’m glad that these Cupcakes were received, and also very happy that they got donated to kids who need them. It doesn’t matter who eats them. RetakeME3 sent its delicious message, and did some good at the same time.”

I was very fortunate today to talk to Sam, the organizer of the movement, about how he got the idea and what he really hopes to accomplish with this alternative form of dissatisfaction.