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Radio Interview with Radical Entertainment Showcasing Prototype 2!

  Prototype 2 is Here! Will you be infected? The slicing and dicing third person action game, Prototype 2 from Radical Entertainment has hit stores

April 26, 2012 Videogame Interviews
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Religion Hits Facebook: Did Einstein Go Koo-Koo for Christ?

  You’ve most likely seen the picture and accompanying story that’s been floating around Facebook. Basically, it describes a meeting in a University classroom between

April 23, 2012 Articles
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Change Your Sex Without Changing Your Genitals!

Want to be a woman? But are you hung like a…man? That’s no problem if you’re in Ontario – a new order from the Ontario

April 21, 2012 Articles

Interview with RetakeMe3 Organizers From Hold The Line!

  Advocacy for a Cause Doesn’t Come From Just One Source RetakeME3 is an organization that is advocating for a new ending to BioWare’s Mass

April 20, 2012 Videogame Interviews

Darksiders 2: Pushed Back Until August

 Looks like Death will have to wait! The sequel for the relatively acclaimed post-apocalyptic platformer Darksiders will unfortunately not be on stores shelves as early

April 18, 2012 Videogame News & Previews

Big News from RetakeME3: Save Point, Extended Cut and RetakeGAMING!

RetakeME3 has big plans for the Future! I was fortunate to once again talk to Eric, one of the organizers behind RetakeMe3, a grassroots movement

April 09, 2012 Videogame Interviews
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Mass Effect 3 Best Moments: Part 1

Mass Effect 3 may have finished its ride in a smoldering mess, but DAMN was the journey fun! It’s obvious that many fans really didn’t

April 09, 2012 Videogame Guides

LET ME FINISH! Episode 4: KONY 1989

The loud-mouthed and sometimes sensual rant king is BACK and he’s taking on KONY 2012 Jimmy Coutu is back and more irreverent than ever. You

April 09, 2012 Jimmy Coutu, LET ME FINISH!

Did BioWare Use Photos of the 9/11 Attack in Mass Effect 3?

Merely coincidence or horrific laziness? A recent post to the BioWare online community from Jc84144 shows that BioWare might have made a big mistake. Here

April 06, 2012 Videogame News & Previews
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RetakeME3 Responds to Mass Effect 3 Extended Cut

Mass Effect 3 will be getting new DLC. But is it enough? BioWare announced earlier today that they will be releasing a new post-game DLC

April 05, 2012 Videogame Interviews
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