Mass Effect 3 will be getting new DLC. But is it enough?

BioWare announced earlier today that they will be releasing a new post-game DLC named:

“Mass Effect 3: Extended Cut”

Full details on the upcoming game addition can be found here, but initial reports indicate it will feature extended cut scenes and some form of an epilogue for the conclusion of Mass Effect 3. A blog post from BioWare later in the day added to some of the info about the DLC, stating it is NOT a new ending to Mass Effect 3 and they will not be making a new ending.Whether or not this big move was done due to the involvement of RetakeMe3 and thousands of other disgruntled fans is up for debate, but the organizer of RetakeMe3 still took some time today to address the new information.

BioWare has released a statement regarding a New free DLC for Mass Effect 3 that’s centered around providing closure for the endings of the game – is this a victory for RetakeMe3?

BioWare’s statement in regards to a new “Extended Edition” DLC is by no means a victory for the Retake movement. I am personally cautiously optimistic about it, but just barely more so than apprehensive about the possibility that they will make it in a way that further inflames the fans of the Mass Effect series (and BioWare in general). That it will be a free DLC is a welcomed announcement, and that they will be providing some context and closure is one of the main points behind the Retake movement. However we must also remember that BioWare believed that the current ending was the right ending for ME3, and was good all on its own.

 Within the community there is already a split, with many members condemning the actions while others declare victory. How will you as a group settle these conflicts?

The Retake movement is made up of many people with many different opinions. I hope that few people will declare a victory before the DLC is released, but I understand why they are excited. In the end it all boils down to what all the members of the Retake movement have in common. The desire for a more appropriate ending to ME3 – until that happens other differences of opinion can be set aside.

In the BioWare Q and A Blog post found here, it mentions that this is NOT a new ending to Mass Effect 3 and that they won’t be making one. What does that mean for RetakeMe3?

I am hoping that the new DLC will be done well, and will address our concerns with the ending. If it does not we will step up our campaigning efforts. This announcement from BioWare has shown that they are watching fan reaction, and are attempting to address it. That gives us some renewed hope that in the end we will see the ending ME3 deserves, and we will continue on until we see it.
If BioWare has agreed to add some DLC after a month of protest what will they do if the Retake movement is forced to continue after the DLC is released? What will they do if we keep the pressure up for 6 months? A year?

BioWare’s Casey Hudson went so far as to say they are just readjusting the DLC schedule, indicating they may have had something like this all along. Is this just PR speak for saving face or do you think it was planned?

I sincerely hope it was just a bad attempt at saving face. If BioWare had this planned all along it means that they purposefully released a game that was incomplete. I’d really like to avoid facing the ramifications of that as long as possible.

Will this news change any of your goals at PAX?

This news changes nothing about our plans for PAX. If anything it will provide new vigor for those in attendance. We will not allow BioWare to look at the Retake movement as a fringe group. We will stand on the front lines until the end

What does this mean going forward for members of RetakeMe3? In terms of purchasing additional products from BioWare and continued acts of protest?

The Retake movement will be keeping the pressure on BioWare to insure that they are aware of what their fans want, and to show them we aren’t going to just fade away after a couple of announcements from them. We will continue campaigning as we have been (more actually it looks like). As far as purchasing new DLC unrelated to the ending? Most members of the Retake movement view any DLC unrelated to the ending as rather pointless given how the ending essentially ruins much of the enjoyment of actually playing the game. Few if any of the members of the Retake movement will be giving any money to BioWare until the issues with the ending are addressed.

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