Merely coincidence or horrific laziness?

A recent post to the BioWare online community from Jc84144 shows that BioWare might have made a big mistake. Here is the direct post.

Let me start by saying that for the past couple of years I’ve been working on a project for the ‘World Trade Center tribute center’ in New York City, which has brought me into contact with a lot of photographs.

I was browsing EA’s Origin website the other day when I came across a promotional banner for the ‘Mass Effect 3’ demo, and I was struck by how the art in the banner seemed to include part of the collapsed World Trade Center. I realise to most people a collapsed building is a collapsed building, but I can assure you the WTC was rather unique in it’s structure and construction, and so what was left afterwards was very specific to this building, that no other building around would look like. Nonetheless, it still appears to have been used.

I am in no way suggesting this was intentional, the most likely explanation that comes to mind is perhaps an artist was researching photographs of collapsed buildings as a reference point, came across a photo taken from ground zero and either did not fully realise what the photograph was of, or wrongly assumed it was rather generic and could be applied to other collapsed structures.

The banner art in question along with the specific area I believe to have used are shown in the following image:

Other forum users have claimed this is a photoshop job while others are in outrage.
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