Mass Effect 3 may have finished its ride in a smoldering mess, but DAMN was the journey fun!

It’s obvious that many fans really didn’t like the way Mass Effect 3 ended. I would tend to agree, but there were many moments through this magical space opera that are worth looking back on.

We have compiled a  short video list of some of the most amazing and impressive moments in the game that left us begging for more. Agree? Disagree? Or suggest your own moments below!

  Curing the Genophage

One of the most powerful narratives of the franchise finally comes to a conclusion. The truly amazing thing about this epic end is the seemingly infinite number of solutions that can occur. You can kill Mordin and create a fake cure, with Wrex coming back for revenge, or you can convince Mordin it’s the right thing to do and Wrex’s place holder brother Wreav never finds out, or Mordin sacrifices himself and becomes the Krogan Space Jesus! See this end below.

Shooting Bottles with Garrus

Garrus Vakarian is an undeniable space bad-ass. Whether he’s stopping explosions with his face or playing Shepard’s conscience when the hero goes Rogue, he has been with you through it all and this wonderful moment of friendship on the Citadel really captures that relationship. Sidenote: The ME2 Easter Egg is worth 10 cookies.

Death of Thane

A scene that truly resonates with Female Shepards, Thane Krios was the first drell we ever saw and he left a lasting impression. His tragic feelings of loss and the cathartic reunion you can instigate between his him and his son shows how video games can affect you. Here is a scene of his tragic demise after fighting Kai Leng, so hold back the tears.

More of the best moments of this magic but tragic game are heading your way! Tell us what you want to see by commenting Below! Enjoy!