Enter the world of Tamerial a thousand years before the Dragonborn!

The Elder Scrolls Online was announced by ZeniMax Online studios yesterday, ushering in a new behemoth to the Massive Multiplayer World (The Old Republic just shit itself). This foray into the online realm is the first for the Elder Scrolls series, which has panned several games over many, many years – though the open world style that has become somewhat ubiquitous for Bethesda does, at least on the surface, lend itself well to the MMO format.

Information on this blockbuster is slim: basically, you will be an adventurer in the land of Tamerial a thousand years before the events of Skyrim as daedric prince Molag Bal (who you may remember from previous Elder Scrolls games) attempts to plunge the world into chaos. The game will have PVP and dungeon elements like any other MMO and will be helmed by MMO veteran Matt Firor, the developer behind The Dark Age of Camelot.

The Elders Scrolls Online will be giving us carpal tunnel syndrome sometime next year. In the mean time enjoy this trailer with Michael Gambon narrating!