Sleeping Dogs! A game that teaches you- Dating leads to collectibles!


Sleeping Dogs is an exciting and amazing product that really delivers (see more HERE). One way that Sleeping Dogs really goes above and beyond the curve is in terms of player customizing Wei Shen to suit your needs. You can change pretty much everything about Wei….including his taste in women! So here for your enjoy is a DATING GUIDE! designed to help you dine and dance the ladies of Sleeping Dogs!  


Date #1 Impressing Amanda (Emma Stone)

Here is most likely the first lady you will encounter on your journey through Dogs of Sleeping- Amanda, a firey whitey stuck in Hong Kong and in need of a helping hand….DID I MENTION SHE’S EMMA STONE! If you ever wanted the opportunity to be the object of desire for this sarcastically vivacious super goddess then please “Role Play” away!  After completely the date you’ll notice that Health Shrines are now visible on the mini map!


Date #2 Tiffany Karaoke Queen!

There is a possibility that your date with Tiffany could be your first. Unlike your date with Amanda you have actually have to (gasp) but it’s just Karaoke so no reason to fret- I noticed it’s 50% to “sing” in the Karaoke Challenge by using the thumbpad instead of the stick. Now this date is important, after you impress the tiffster all of the Jade Statues will be seen on the mini map! Enjoy! 


Date #3 “Not-Ping”

By far the most illusive of all of your dating conquests, “Not-Ping” the hackers with oh some much packing! She’ll be teaching you how to hack video cameras- expect now you have to do it with a time limit!  Trial and Error is all you can really do! Though if you power through it the “Not Pingster” will show you where all the Cameras are on the Mini-map!


 More Sleeping Dogs Content Coming Your Way!