Hands on with Halo 4

I was very fortunate this year to get the opportunity to report at Fan Expo Canada this year! A truly amazing event that takes over the Metro Toronto Convention Centre with sexy Moogles, 7 foot tall Edward-Scissor-Hands and a new addition, a 400 pound Bane!  For those unfamiliar with the annual event it is a true cacophony of Geeking, Gaming and a deficiency in personal Hygiene. In terms of Gaming, this years big draw was hidden away in the far right hand corner of the con- as hundreds pilled up to play………………Halo 4

We’ll talk about our playthrough but first- CLICK BELOW! For a Spoiler Free Interview with Microsoft on Halo 4!


Having played Halo 4 a couple times in the Multiplayer Campaign I can say it feels………Newish. With the recent shift of developers there was a big concern that Halo 4 could get shook up in all the wrong ways, what you see in this iteration from 343 Industries is a playback to the fundamentals of Halo, while still sitting on the cutting edge in terms of gameplay mechanics and visuals.  The majority of my time was spent battling 12 year olds in the classic 8 man – Red vs Blue!

Right off the bat! You notice the stunning and massive set pieces- reminiscent of the original Halo but amplified by a billion. High ceilings and dense mechanical undergrowth- found in both the maps I played- lends it self to longer range gamplay (insert need for Battle Rifle Here) and extensive team co-ordination. The HUD overall is different but familiar  adjusting your eyes to different areas of the screen to monitor your shields can be a hassle but quickly opens up a wider range of view for the player. Overall creating a fun visceral and unfortunately- short 


Here’s a quick list of some of the new features!

[learn_more caption=”No more Fiddling Around in the Lobby! “] Halo 4 will include pre determined Load outs, stream lining the multiplayer experience. [/learn_more]

 [learn_more caption=”Big Sky…”] Expanded and intense new visual formats that lend themselves far better to open field combat! [/learn_more]

[learn_more caption=”Play with Me!”] A new focus on single player content, pushing for an entirely separate story to be played via Multiplayer [/learn_more]

[learn_more caption=”Reward Me!”] Making things like Triple Kills, and Kill-taculars matter! Offering ordance drops and bonus in real time during the game! [/learn_more]


 Keep watching for more interviews and footage from Fan Expo Canada!