Ubisoft Comes Out Swinging At Fan Expo Canada!


At this year’s Fan Expo Canada, over a million people clad in your geekiest of gear funneled into the Metro Toronto Convention Centre to indulge in comics, TV stars and – of course – videogames. I noticed in the center of the mayhem that there was a massive showcase that had costumed Banes dancing, what seemed like an endless line of Playstations lined up, and for the first time in Canada, playable Wii U!

This collection of gaming goodies was all thanks to Ubisoft, who continuously patronizes the event, giving Canadian gamers a hands-on chance to play their upcoming titles. As a news anchor in the North, it’s nice to see a major gaming company to focus on Canadians for a change-

Here’s your beer!

Now that you have thoroughly imbibed, let’s talk gaming. Three upcoming Ubisoft games were playable at Fan Expo Canada this year, the latest evolution in Dance – Just Dance 4, the newest tech used in the Wi U version of ZombiU, and (of course) one of the biggest games of the year, Assassin’s Creed 3. I was fortunate enough to talk to Ubisoft about all three of these games and what to expect.


Click below to see our feature interview with Ubisoft!


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