Is it Possible that Bioware Lied?


If you made it this far- you know what happens in the end of Mass Effect 3 , people die things explode, the universe is drastically altered depending on those few choices.  The hatred for the canon endings of the game is well documented out of that hate the “Indoctrination Theory” was born, an idea that postulates an alternate reality, where Shepard did not in fact meet the Star Child and instead is under the direct control of the Reapers. This idea has spread like wild fire as notable Youtube personalities add their insights  but the most impressive and thorough investigation of the Theory was facilitated by Julian Kluk of  having created THREE full length documentaries on the subject- addressing new criticisms and even taking direct questions from the fans. If you haven’t had the opportunity to take a look CLICK HERE! to see his latest Documentary in the series.


Questioning the Theory myself, I spoke to Julian one last time as he defends the Theory and explains why this maybe based more in speculation than fact!
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