Grab your Cheque Book! Kickstarter has ANOTHER Must Have Game!

Those handsome devils are the makers behind the upcoming turn-based RPG  “Expeditions: Conquistador” this exciting throw back to the amazing role playing games of the 90’s. You will take on the role of a Spanish Conquistador in Central America in 1518-1520. Select the members of your expedition and explore campaign maps based on the actual topological maps of Hispaniola and Mexico. Mix in player choices- multiple endings and that’s the innovate product out of Logic Artists in Denmark.  Like many games currently in development these independent developers are using the funding site, Kickstarter to reach their goals- as you can see here!

I was fortunate enough to speak to Jonas of Logic Artists on the upcoming game and what you can expect!



Before we get into the game Jonas- what exactly is Kickstarter and how does it work?

Jonas: It’s a crowd funding platform, people can put up their own projects, asking for a specific amount and then they set a deadline  when it has to be completed- if they achieve the goal before the deadline is finished they get the money, but if they don’t they get nothing.

Back to the game Conquistador, what can you tell us about it? 

It’s a tactical role playing game, Conquistador takes place in central America around 1518- you take on the role of a Spanish explorer, you travel to the mainland and explore. Also another big part of the game is about managing your party making sure they are well fed and happy, then as you run into conflicts they will be able to help you out.

Why choose this sort of game to develop? 

It’s very simple we wanted to develop a game we would like to play. We like this kind of game, especially with the choices your adding it’s not something you’ve really seen before. It’s a very interesting mixture of management roleplaying and tactics – creating an overall experience unlike what we’ve seen so far.

Without giving too much away, I know there is the ability to make different choices in the game- how will that affect the outcome for players?

They of course lead to different endings,  we have queit a few different combinations of end game so your final thematic experience will be dynamic depending on the choices you’ve made throughout the game. Additionally, or aim is to make all your choices affect moment to moment gameplay as much as possible. You may find entire community rallying against you or supporting you depending on how you choose to engage them.

Why choose this time period? 

We wanted to make a game about exploration and it made sense for us to pick a time period that had a lot of  exploration in it. We didn’t want to go too traditional like your standard sci-fi or Fantasy setting. Something historical made sense for us- the Age of Exploration in America just made sense, exploring new lands and in gauging in the unknown.

What are some of the influences that make Expedition: Conquistador what it is? 

We all played roleplaying games of course, Kings Bounty was a huge influence on the world map in the game- and of course the are split between the combat part and the exploration is very similar. Personally, games like Jagged Alliance, Baulders Gate, Dungeons and Dragons, for resource management and decisions we looked at “Choose your own adventure books” of course any of the Black Isle role-playing games played a part and-maybe even the Oregon Trail maybe.

Really- so it’s a real call back to games from the late 80’s to 90’s?

Yeah- we are trying to upgrade the formula a little bit-making it a little more modern- but yes games of that era are a huge influence.

What do you think is the most important feature of this game?

I would say our Morale system, that’s something we’re very proud of. Ever follower has certain personality traits which will determine basically when they will loose moral- depending on the loss of that they will chime in with their opinion or perhaps even leave you based on your actions and that morale. We have quite a large amount of followers for a role-playing game- you start off with 10 and you can end up with 30. We keep track of all that based on personality traits which really makes your followers come alive.

How does Kickstarter affect your development cycle? 

One of the biggest chances was taking on the PR responsibilities, we haven’t hired another agency to do it for us. On the other hand- it’s very exciting to be talking directly to the people who are interested in buying the game. it’s almost like you have this pool of people who preordered the game. Of course- a lot of their requests and expectations are completely unreasonable, but that’s part of the fun as well- engaging with them and explaining why certain things won’t work- or that these elements will appear in the game but in a different capacity.

Sounds like you have more connection to the fans then you normally would. 

Absolutely- and since they know what we are doing it raises our expectations quite a bit- doing the best that you possibly can- we really don’t want to let fans down!

As of September 5 you were slightly short of your goal with a week left- any closing words to get gamers interested in this game?  

We are trying to do justice to what fans want- we really want to make a good game- basically and we really hope you can give up a little bit of your money we can improve on the already functional game we have today!


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