Mark of the Ninja is the Most Fun You Can Have in the Dark!

Do you scoff at 2D Side Scrollers? Do you vomit when you see 480i? Well- that’s a shame, because one of the best stealth games of ALL TIME has just been released on the Xbox Live Arcade from the independent development firm Klei Entertainment makers of Shank and of course, Shank 2. The game dubbed, “Mark of Ninja” is an incredible and visceral experience unlike really anything you’ve seen before. You can play stealthy- or murdalize the world- all the while still feeling like you’re playing as a ninja.

I could go on about the game all day- but instead I was fortunate to speak to Nels Anderson, Lead Designer on the game  about everything the game has to offer, the stealth genre and the possibilities of a sequel? As an added benefit for those who already own the game- while Nels and I talk in the background is my complete No kills- No detection run of the second mission- Two for one deal!

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Thanks to Nels for chatting!

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