Death never sleeps in THQ’s Darksiders II


The action-adventure role-playing videogame developed by Vigil Games and published by THQ is getting more content through the upcoming release of Argul’s Tomb. Gamers can expect some epic new boss fights and two new dungeons for the third-person hack-and-slash title. The content was available to those who pre-ordered the game for free. There has been no announcement on pricing for those who didn’t pre-order.

The game’s protagonist is Death, who like his fellow Horsemen is of a race known as Nephilim – “among the most powerful beings in the Universe.” According to the Darksiders II website: “when Mankind was given the prize of Eden, Absalom – leader of the Nephilim – led his armies against Heaven and Hell in an attempt to steal it back. For this crime, the Charred Council condemned the Nephilim to destruction. The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse were granted a reprieve from this fate on the condition they aid the Council’s victory over their kin.”

Death was tasked with the role of executioner and slaughtered his brethren. He donned his mask on that day and has not removed it since. Argul’s Tomb expands on Death’s adventure, taking him far from the lands of his original quest to an icy environment. According to the video reveal of the DLC content by the gaming site IGN, the tomb features many hidden secrets and legendary items. In the video, IGN says that Death is sent to the tomb by the merchant Azagoth.

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