Numenera Will Blow Your Socks Off!

Developed by the legendary game designer Monte Cook-  with close to 25 years experience in the field he describes the game as, “a brand-new, science fantasy rpg set in the distant future. It focuses on story and ideas over mechanics.” Fans seem to like this new focus on story because with just a few days to go Numenera has reached it’s goal, in fact they surpassed it by the small margin of 2000%.  I was very fortunate to speak to Monte about the game, about Kickstarter in general and about why you have to donate now while you have a chance!

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What exactly is Kickstarter for those who don’t know?

Kickstarter is hub for crowd funding, it’s the ability for a producer like myself to create something and rather than have it funded by an outside source get the backing directly from the fans. It short, I can say on Kickstarter “I want to create a new game”, and if people are interested in that new game, they can give me money for it upfront- I can produce the game and then deliver the game that I promised.

What exactly is Table Top RPG Play?

If you are familiar at all with  Dungeons and Dragons– which has been around since 1974- that’s the grand daddy of all Table Top RPG’s. It’s a group cooperative game that allows people to get to together and basically create a story. In DND it’s usually a fantasy story, like Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings. Players take on a role, and another player is set as the Game Master that kind of provides the story. The other players then decides what that character does in the confines of that story

Why should Kickstarter fans invest in Numenera?

Numenera is a different kind of RPG than anything I’ve worked on before. It’s extremely story focused- the reason I say that is because RPG’s kind of came out of war games- so a lot of them a really strong tactical element and with that comes alot of rules that govern just exactly how far your character can move- you end up with lots and lots of heavy rule books filled with sometimes arcane rules and Numenera is an attempt to create something far more story based, allowing people to use their imagination more than just obeying a set of complicated rules.

What drew you to this sort of concept? 

There’s two things. One, like I said before it’s a different kind of gaming but the other thing that really excites me is that it’s a game of ideas to facilitate that Numenera is set literally a billion years in the future, super far distant future, so it’s kind of  fantasy- there’s tech that people have so far in the future that is basically it’s indistinguishable with magic- so anything is possible, creating a whole new kind of world to play in. It’s interesting because the tech is so advances it caters to both Scifi and Fantasy fans.

Artistically how did you create that fusion of science and magic? 

Well, I owe a lot to my lead artist. Our starting point was a french artist known as “Mobis” who we both really adored, the way that we describe it is, if you look at piece of art at first you think, “Oh I’m looking at a piece of Fantasy art” but then when you look more closely you realize that there is more going on here- creating a double take. Head to our website and I think it shows that we achieved that.

Final Message to the Fans?

Thank you so much for your support- it’s kind of overwhelming…it’s wonderful to see that an idea I had, which appeals to me is also appealing to a wider audience. I can’t wait until we are all playing Numenera! 


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