Art Direction that never looked so…..Art Direction-y?

Tale from Dunwall

If you haven’t heard about the game Dishonored………shame on you! Because this brand new IP from Arkane Studios is set to be one of the most interesting and exciting games of the year. To get your juices flowing the great minds behind the game have created a three part webseries titled “The Tales From Dunwall”
These engrossing prequels, scored by Daniel Licht (Dexter) and narrated by Chloe Grace Moretz (Kick Ass), give you a first-hand glimpse into Dishonored’s shadowy whaling world of Dunwall, where plague is rampant and the city is in disarray and on the verge of dystopia. Created by Psyop, each episode was predominantly produced by hand. Each frame was a fully rendered style frame, which was then enhanced with 3D elements to add to the painterly atmosphere, dimension and depth of each shot.  All three episodes have been released for your enjoyment below!


Episode 1: The Awakening

 While the first episode reveals how Dunwall was revolutionized by a new energy source, this next chapter is a cautionary tale – one that illustrates the advantages, and the dangerous disadvantages, of accepting supernatural abilities from the Outsider.


Episode 2: The Hand that Feeds

If you’re not crying after that something’s wrong with you! Now for the final chapter,  ‘In the Mind of Madness’ introduces Piero, a key figure in the city of Dunwall, who also plays a pivotal role in Corvo’s story.


Episode 3: The Mind of Madness


Beauty, Pain and Squalor all Encapsulated in less than 10 minutes!

Check out “Dishonored” October 9th!