Sleeping Dogs DLC will Scare you and Possibly Entice! 

Sleeping Dogs is really fun. There’s no way around it. If you’re looking for a game that offers visceral combat set in a realistic and comprehensive world then you’ve already played and beaten Sleeping Dogs(perhaps several times). Now close your eyes and imagine Zombies and hopping vampires battling magic Chinese Kung Fu masters then you having the first magic DLC pack for Sleeping Dogs: Nightmare in North Point.

This is our second chat with Dan Sochan from United Front Games on Sleeping Dogs. Dan talks about the great success of the game, what to expect in the next 6 months of DLC and even alludes to MORE DATES WITH EMMA STONE! It’s only a tease sure, but wait until the end of the interview and see for yourself.

Here are some Tid Bits From Dan!


Dan on the release of Sleeping Dogs!

 “We’re happy with the way things shaped up. Having that additional time really helped us deliver a great game. I think there are always things you can tweek and adjust but we’ve been actively listening to the fans. We have a title update out now that’s made some gameplay improvements, tweeks, making things easier here and there and harder in other places. Keep talking! Because we’re listening!

Dan on the Nightmare on North Point DLC Fun!

“The most interesting thing for us, as we did research and found out that these, Jiang Shi- sort of the Chinese equivalent of a vampire…actually hop, they don’t run, they don’t fly…..they hop. So they have a completely different fighting style, you need to drink mystical tee in order to take on these elite ghouls, which gives you a complete new martial arts style to use- all over the top and more powerful. You acquire a peach-wood sword originally used for Taoist exorcism, using that you can battle these supernatural beings as well as possess enemy gang members. So there’s all these crazy over the top things to do that are grounded in Chinese lore and cinema.”

Dan on more Dating DLC!

“I’m at the top of the list for more dates with Emma Stone….Right now, there’s nothing we can talk about. We do have at least 6 months of DLC planned, we are only about a third of the way through..but there is alot of more stuff I’ll be excited to chat about in the future”

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