Mass Effect 3 is a game of both controversy and great acclaim. Regardless of where you stand on that spectrum to deny the importance of Bioware’s Space Opera is silly.

With Nintendo fans now finally getting the chance to play Mass Effect 3 in a brand new way, I spoke with Bioware Producer Melanie Faulknor about Mass Effect 3 on the Wii U and what to expect!


The culmination of the magic space opera known as Mass Effect 3 has already been experienced by most, but now it’s heading to the Wii U. We spoke to Melanie Faulknor Producer at Bioware on the move! When players get their hands on Mass Effect 3 on the Wii U…What can they expect?

They can expect the Mass Effect 3 single player and multiplayer content with advanced features and bonus content including a Wii U exclusive weapon.

Whats the biggest difference with a brand new out of the box version of Mass Effect 3 on the Xbox or PS3 in comparison to the Wii U?

So on top of the enhanced featured and exclusive weapon, we also have the dark horse exclusive back story comic Genesis 2. Wii U players will be the first to experience this. It’s gives you the story of ME1 and ME2 if you not familiar with it and as your going through it because it’s interactive you can make story choices, which are complied into a save file. So it’s good for the player who never experienced it- you can get the summary of the two stories and be that much more informed or for players who have already played through it will open up new story-lines you may have missed.

The genesis comic has a lot of choices you wouldn’t suspect- can we look forward to that attention to detail in this DLC? 

I can’t give away any spoilers, but it is along the same line- it does start off with the original genesis then it covers ME2 so you get the best of both worlds

How has ME3 really utilized a lot of the new features the Wii U has to offer ?

That’s something we really liked to play with because it has the touch screen functionality. We’ve got the level maps on the game, so you’re able to navigate through the levels without ever having to pause your game, you can control your squad mates with the touch screen, we have customized buttons on the side that can customize your gameplay a little better than a normal control. The one thing everyone loves if they have to share a TV is you can switch to gamepad only mode, so you can play exclusively on the gamepad the entire single player and multiplayer game.

So that is very much a hand held Mass Effect that we haven’t seen before?

and it looks awesome on the small screen!

It’s still sports that high fidelity look even on a small screen?


 All of the DLC will be available for the Wii U- what about forth coming DLC? Is that expected to be released at the same time?

At this point, considering we are a launch title we have just been working on the special edition. It’s not a no, but at this point we are just working on getting out the already created content

Finally, what do you say to Nintendo  Fans that have been dying to play ME3?

We are so excited to bring it to Nintendo, this is the first time on the console and we sincerely hope you love it as much as we do, let us know how much you love it!

Mass Effect 3 Genesis

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