If listening to my sultry tones isn’t your game, here is our written review of the tremendous product that is Hitman Absolution  for a complete background on everything that is Hitman check out our first interview and showcase of the game.


This is Hitman Absolution– the continuation in the flagship Hitman franchise that once revolutionized the way stealth games work. It’s been a while since the last Hitman and I still remember fondly skipping along the Paris streets  as swat teams  shot tears gas into my apartment and I responded by fiber wiring their faces….Now you have your hands on the game and need some help with the Challenges….We got you covered!


A Personal Contract: Well Played 


Perhaps one of the most difficult of ALL of the initial Challenges, Well Played pushes you to complete the mission WITHOUT killing, being seen or even touching anyone in the mission. The first two requirements are more than easy but not touching anyone will just end up being annoying…Here’s the easy way!

A Personal Contract: Modern Art

This particular Challenge is relatively easy- shoot some art and some people die. THUS IS LIFE!

A Personal Contract: Geronimo

What better way to honor a great Native American hero than by throwing out a helpless guard who just received the good news that he isn’t suffering from colon cancer!

A Personal Contract: Extra Spice + Damn Good Coffee

Now we give you a double header, Extra Spice and Damn Good Coffee. Both involving Sleeping Pills and both will make you giggle.

A Personal Contract: Chameleon + Play it Again

The final Challenge duo, Chameleon and Play it Again. One has you dressing a multiple different  character, other involves the death of a black man!



Check out our Review and Stay Tuned for More!