If Hitman Absolution is still in your console and you need a little help completing those pesky challenges we’ve got you covered! You’ve now already beaten the first mission with FLYING colours, now onto number 2….The King of Chinatown….who is ironically not any subset of asian decent…but I digress.


King of Chinatown: Purist Silent Assassin Run

Always good to start off these challenges with incredible difficulty. Here’s the Purist Silent Assassin run of “The King of Chinatown” that means you have NO indication of anything on the screen and of course you need to achieve that Silent Assassin Ranking. This guide will earn your several challenges including-Suit Only“, “Infiltrator 

King of Chinatown: Man Down & Drop Dead 


In a continued theme throughout the guide, you’re first double up. Here’s is a simple fool proof way to earn both challenges that take advantage of opposing forces of gravity! THANKS BILL NYE!

King of Chinatown: A Killing View & 2 For the Price of 1


A natural double whamy- we teach you the frailty of human life by shooting several people in the head with a sniper rifle…Like the ancient Mayans of yesteryear!

King of Chinatown: Chameleon


Who knew it was so much fun to wear other peoples clothing…I tell ya who, Agent 47. Here’s all the different costumes you gotta wear as the bald killer

King of Chinatown: Kaboom & Controlled Detonation


Blowing up your targets isn’t the subtlest way to defeat your enemies but it certainly has the most, “slow motion walk aways from explosions” than others…

King of Chinatown: Master Poisoner – Three Challenges in One! 


One of the more difficult Challenges. You have to complete, Hot Coffee, Don’t Do Drugs and Let’s Do Lunch…Triple the poison, but triple the fun!

King of Chinatown: Veiled Death Parts 1 & 2

The final task for aspiring Hitman perfectionist….Veiled Death parts 1 and 2. Dress like a cop, beat up a drug dealer and kill a king. Like Christmas ALL OVER AGAIN!




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