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As Winter comes, it’s the perfect time to bundle up, make a cup of hot apple cider or cocoa, and frag the ever loving crap out some unfortunate soul. My covert investigations have not revealed that digital mayhem influences one’s standing on Santa’s Naughty or Nice List, so I’m going to assume we are in the clear. Still, might be worth playing a few more team matches during these next few weeks of December… On to the News!


Marriage Destruction

In sickness and in health, through strange games and sims alike…

Happy Marriage! I got you MURDER!!!

Well, This isn’t how I would celebrate my anniversary, but to each there own. A couple was recently wed, and as one might expect, compromises were made. Any healthy marriage is going to have a few, and if you love someone enough to marry them, it seems like you should be willing to shuffle your priorities around a bit.

Well, as part of the marriage ceremony, this couple took a mallet to the grooms copy of Love Plus, a Japanese dating-sim. Life really is more bizarre than fiction:

The wedding, which was attended and photographed by various Comiket staff, seems like it was quite a bizarre affair, with the groom’s virtual girlfriend, Nene Anegasaki, getting her own invitation and seat.

According to some reports, the bride sprang the destruction of the cartridge on her recently-acquired husband as a surprise, but he elected to take part in the smashing anyway. With tears in his eyes, he helped his new wife crush his digital ex with a mallet.



Don’t tell me this doesn’t scream Sith Lord!

I, Sidious

Okay, maybe not quite, but I can frankly say that i will give up something of great importance to make this happen. Derek Jacobi is one of my favorite actor’s of all time. I grew up with Brother Cadfael, I, Claudius, and even his turn as the narrator in Henry V (I only watched PBS as a kid, Okay… It may have colored my taste in movies and TV in my adult life a bit…)

With the recent news of the star wars franchise being taken forward after its move to Disney, Jacobi has voiced interest in a major role in the series. He mentions a number of other actors that have had success with major franchises in the past:

“I’d love to do my big franchise movie,” he explained. “Ian [McKellen]’s got his Gandalf, Pat Stewart has his Star Trek, Michael Gambon has got his Dumbledore. They are running out of these old men you see. I have to be next!”



Not Pictured: Human Bodily Functions

Whelp, there’s a first time for everything…

I can honestly say that, as much as I like realism, the option to defecate in a game (or the requirement to), is probably not a good idea. To Day Z creator Dean Hall, that’s okay. In a Developer Session at the 2012 Eurogamer Expo, Hall mentioned made an interesting statement about the development of Day Z: ““I hope I implement a lot of bad ideas, so that then, we know they are bad. Then we can remove them and move on.” Apparently, one of these ideas was to include the implementation of disease in major citys to simulate all the poo lying about

I always find any sort of peak into the mind of a game developer, particularly with such a small and personal project like Day Z. As the game move further and further towards a standalone game, I’m sure we’ll see more and more of Hall’s ingenuity and crazy ideas once the game goes live!



Team Issac

Indie game + Shotgun = Win!

Team Isaac 2

I love crossovers, so when I saw this mod, allowing you to play the bosses from The Binding of Isaac in Team Fortress 2, I squeeled with delight. Binding of Isaac is a great indie game in which you play as a small naked boy who has fleed his psychopathic mother, fighting your way thorugh a legion of genetic off-shots and discarded offspring. Team Fortress 2 is one of Valve’s biggest titles, and involves sandwiches, Boston Accents, and a one-eyed, black,  alcoholic Scottsman.

Now, the Map is part of the Super Zombie Fortress map of the SLAG Gaming site. There’s no way to consistantly play on this map, but it may be worth a visit on your next Team Fortress 2 binge!




A Dramatization of Korea, c. 920 BCE

Korean Scientist Discover Unicorns

Yes, you did in fact read that correctly. Yes, they are indeed making this shit up. In a move to make King Tongmyong, an ancient king of the Koguryo kingdom in North Korean, seem far more badass than any historical character other than Genghis Khan has a right to be, a team of archaeologist has uncovered a tomb of unicorns, which this king and his legion of golden robot me presumably rode into battle against the pre-historic Russian Bear Calvary…

Archaeologists from the History Institute of the DPRK Academy of Social Sciences have “reconfirmed” the discovery of a lair of the unicorn ridden by the ancient king, which is located 200 meters from the Yongmyong Temple in Moran Hill, Pyongyang City. They know it’s a unicorn lair because a rectangular rock with the words “Unicorn Lair” carved into it stands out front. The scientists believe the words date back to the Koryo Kingdom, which existed from 918 to 1392 CE.

Honestly, as someone who is both sane and studied archaeology in University, I don’t even know how to respond to this…


Insane Deltoro


Guillermo del Toro goes Insane

I love Pan’s Labyrinth, Hellboy, Hellboy II, and  Cronos .  As such, you can imagine that I enjoy the work of Spanish director Guillermo del Toro. However, I seem to be a horrible fan, because I had no idea that he was looking to create a video game. While del Toro had previously expressed interestin working with Valve, he did start working with THQ, thought the project was dropped in August. Things however, are starting to look bright for this project:

“We were going to go to a lot of developers after THQ, but it seems like we’re going to be developing it after the first meeting we had,” he said. “I can’t disclose where it was, but we went to a great developer on the first meeting and it seems that they’re picking it up because they love the package.”

A game, created in part by a man responsible for making some of the best monsters in cinema history, titled Insane..

I am Ready….