In Hitman Absolution you may need a little help completing those pesky challenges we’ve got you covered! You’ve now already beaten the first mission with FLYING colours, number two you completely obliterated! Now onto number 3, you’re first REAL Hitman Absolution experience!


Terminus Hotel: Chameleon + Evidence


In your very first Challenge let’s start off with the basics, wearing other peoples clothing and find the evidence. Chameleon is slightly ore difficult as you have to actually kill a truck load of people to get SWAT to join in the fun! 


Terminus Hotel: SEXY! Evening In Paradise


A little bit of foreshadowing to later in the game, 47 is tasked with projecting some magic sex onto the screen with an old timey projector! Added some special music to make you smile.



Terminus Hotel: Inside Job


This is the sort of Challenge that you should earn right away! It shows the easiest way to complete the mission without getting spotted! 



Terminus Hotel: Don’t Disturb + Suit Only


A longer mission, basically this will outline how to beat this damnable mission without changing your clothing OR getting spotted….Important stuff! 


Terminus Hotel: The Electrician Part 1 + 2


  This  was absolutely the most aggravating Challenge yet, fortunately- I’m here to show you how to throw screw-drivers into victims faces in no time!


Terminus Hotel: House Keeping!


  HOUSEKEEPING! Get ready to hide your bodies folks! We need to start killing some guards and this is the best way to do it.


Terminus Hotel: Purist Silent Assassin Run


Then to finish it off, we complete Terminus Hotel Silent Assassin style and just to show how insane we are……PURIST STYLE!


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