As December’s end nears, its a time for gingerbread and evergreen, Xbox and PS3. Be it a Holiday event in your favorite MMO, or simply a gift for a gamer you know, the Holiday Season is sure to bring some cheer to your day. However, it’d be silly not to at least mention the fact that there is a ever-so-minor possibility that WE COULD ALL DIE ON THE 21ST. What’s that you say? A SALE?!


horsemen apocalypse

They’re just here for the sale…for now…


Gamefly Ends the world….WITH SAVINGS!


I’m as much a fan of a monster sale as the next guy. My wallet is quaking nearby in anticipation for its disembowelment at the hands of the forthcoming Steam Holiday Sale, and I’m a big supporter of the Humble Bundle and Indie Bundle sale methods.

GameFly has taken this to a new level however. We’ve all heard that the world is going to end on December 21st. Mayans and all that. So, what would you want to do during the last day, if it were the last day? Liquidate you savings and use the money to buy one of every illegal drug? Cook your favorite meal and share it with the person you love?Play all the best video games you never got to play? Gamefly is banking on the last on, offering some great deals, including all sorts of triple A titles for $5. Best get playing if you want to finish those before electricity disappears…



PS2 Controller: Weaponized


Lots of people seem to think games lead to violence. While there is certainly something to be said for the ability of Gears of War to desensitize you to gore, i generally fall on the side of the argument that gaming and real world violence have no connection…

…however, I seem to be proven wrong, but not in a way I ever expected. In a YouTube video released recently, Syrian rebels have shown of an armored vehicle, equipped with a Machine Gun which is controlled by an old school PlayStation controller.

I salute the rebels for their MacGuyver-esq ingenuity, but curse them for the ammunition they are giving to people that claim games lead to violence. They are sure to have a field day with this. It’s an unfortunate route to take in this discussion particularly because its not a game, but simply the technology being used here.



Not Pictured: The Clear Victor…

Valve vs. Xbox360 vs. PS3 vs. Wii

Valve has always been pushing things forward for the PC Gaming crowd, first with Steam, and most recently with Big Picture Mode. Well, it now seems like Valve isn’t content limiting itself to its perennial home on Desktops and Laptops. Gabe Newell has expressed Valve’s interest in making a console version of Steam, or some form of standalone Valve Console.

It sounds like the makings of an empire, and while I wish all kinds of success to Valve with this en-devour  I’m a little bit saddened. Valve and Steam have always been a PC gamer’s thing. It was something we could call our own, and nobody else (except those Mac people…) could get their grubby hands into.

I suppose there is a time for all things, including letting go…


SpaceHulk Returns

Before I considered myself a pure video gamer, I spent a large amount of time with Games Workshop, playing Warhammer and Warhammer 40,000. Part of what drew me away from those games was the move that these IP’s have made towards the video Game industry. Fire Warrior, Dawn of War, and Space Marine were all very true to the source material, and where, more or less pretty excellent games.

But long before those, there was another. Space Hulk, first released long ago in the golden age of gaming, is getting a remake.Don’t let the simple trailer fool you, this has potential.  The game, which puts a bunch of bolter-wielding Space Marine Terminators smack in the middle of a Tyranid infested Spaceship. Basically, it is Alien 2, but instead of a bunch of wimpy marines, imagine a Zealous Religious Ironman. Yeah, 40k is indeed Kick Ass.


Toga? Toga? Toga?

Toga? Toga? Toga?


Bioshock and Bros


Bioshock Infinite’s box art was recently released, to more than a little discontent from fans. May claimed the image, showing Booker DeWitt shouldering a shotgun, with the sky behind him, is far too similar to the stock image that nearly every AAA game seems to use these days. You know the one; Hero A Shoulders Weapon B in front of Scene C. Its the second cousin of the“Soldier Walking Forward with funky lighting” cover. Many feared that this was Bioshock abandoning its origins.

In a YouTube interview with Destructoid, Ken Levine addressed this recent controversy in a refreshingly direct, honest and clear manner. Essentially, the original Bioshock did not have a wide viewership/player base among a certain crowd of gamers: Bros. College Frat Members loved the game, but had almost universally never heard of it. This is a huge market for games, and Levine is hoping that with this more generic and modern cover, Infinite can pull in part of that base, and be even more prosperous.

You can check out more of how I feel about this issue in my recent opinion piece here at Pure Sophistry.



Much Like War, the THQ Bundle Trampled the Competition! *rimshot*

The THQ Bundle Makes A LOT of Money


Yes, I’ve sung the praises of the Humble Bundle, and its many Indie Cousins before, but I just had to share the news that the Humble THQ Bundle, when all was said and done, ended up making just over $5 Million dollars. This is great news, and will doubtless support many more humble bundles to come later.

Or is it? The success of such a different Humble Bundle may spell changing times in the future. Many are worried that the Humble Bundle team is casting aside their Indie roots and taking to the AAA theater with this entry. And while They have put out a huge variety of different kinds of Humble Bundles, the massive success of this particular one is something to note. I would not be surprised if we saw more AAA release Humble Bundles in the near future, and honestly, I wouldn’t be surprised if the Humble Bundle franchise started embracing that side of gaming culture, or the AAA side of gaming culture started embracing the humble bundle business plan….