Nintendo’s recent Direct Presentation has brought to light many of the company’s newest games for the Wii U and will hopefully satisfy anybody waiting for the Wii U to get some more first party games. The presentation itself starts off with president Saturo Iwata apologizing for the lack of new Wii U games since launch.

The first bit of news is the conformation of two new Zelda games for the Wii U. One of which is an HD revamp of Wind Waker, and since Wind Waker is my favorite Zelda game to date, this made me more giddy than a thousand school girls after the cutest guys in school just waved to them in the hallway. It looks very promising but the only screenshot we got is (hopefully) still very early in development, because at the moment it looks less like HD Wind Waker and more like Link is making a cameo in some new Gumby series. The other Zelda tittle will be a new game being headed Eiji Aonuma, who said that the theme of the game would be, “rethinking the conventions of Zelda.” He also stated that the game would feature a multiplayer component and the ability to tackle and dungeon in any order. While I am definitely down with the idea of a more open-format to dungeon exploring, the multiplayer aspect has me worried and wondering to what extent they will take it. I won’t be exactly thrilled if I have to team up with xXXMariOMaster69XXx.

Speaking of Mario, it was announced his first 3D game, and the newest Mario Kart for the Wii U will both be playable at the next E3. Also, his steed Yoshi will be getting his own game in the same vein as Kirby’s Epic Yarn called Yarn Yoshi. No, I’m serious. Don’t let anyone ever you tell that Nintendo is not the masters of originality.

Although maybe I am speaking too soon because they also announced a new tittle from the developers of Xenoblade which appears to be a sci-fi multiplayer title in the same spirit as Monster Hunter. Nintendo is also working with Atlus for a crossover game between the Fire Emblem series and the Shim Megami Tensei RPG series.

On top of all this, Nintendo have plans to re-release Virtual console games on the Wii U, a Miiverse app for smart phones and a firmware updates in the spring and summer to help with the slow start-up times when starting a game and when returning to the Wii U home screen.

Source: Game Industry