In Hitman Absolution you may need a little help completing those pesky challenges we’ve got you covered! You’ve now already beaten the first mission with FLYING colours, number two you completely obliterated! and we all know number 3 was a piece of cake– now it’s time to RUN FOR YOUR LIFE! 


Death from Above + Picking on the New Guy! 

We will start off by killing some police officers! With both bullets and light fixtures- very exciting 

Silence Please: Parts 1 and 2

This is the secret challenge in Run for your Life get ready to molest coppers and while traveling through time! 

Fields of Joy!

Get ready to become intimate with stalks of weed and hippy drug dealers in this- a fun ass challenge! 

Business is BOOMING! 

And I thought messing around with hippies in the dark is fun- one of the most hilariously scripted scenes in Hitman– truly-enjoy

In Stereo + Bong Hits

In retrospect, I probably should have coupled this challenge with my last…..but the entire missions is drug themed so I’m not worried, get ready to SLAPPA DA FACE! 

Chameleon + Evidence Collector

One of the more difficult Challenges, just trying to find all these damnable suits and evidence– GEEZE!  

Suit Only + Infiltrator 

Time to wear your Suit and sneak around as the world tries to murder you- sounds like classic Hitman action? YOU’RE RIGHT! It doesn’t 


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