Hey! Were you one of those people who would do Let’s Plays of Slender which involved you filming yourself with your webcam and then letting out obnoxious, nails on chalkboard screams and other over the top reactions? You were? Then go f**k yourself! If you weren’t one of those people and enjoyed Slender for being a pretty decent horror game, then you will be happy to hear a new game is out for your IOS devices.

Micheal Hegemann has released his own take on the popular Slender game which he has called Slender Rising. The game is available for $2 (though there is a free version for download) and follows the same set-up as the first PC Slender Man game in which players must find pages scattered around some not so pleasant looking area. All of which is powered by the Unreal Engine and a heavy fog which is supposed to evoke a Silent Hill atmosphere

The game also has two game modes. One is the standard mode of play where the player gets to survive if they collect all of the pages, and the other is Endless Stare where capture is certain and is more of a survival mode.

A full version of PC game Slender, called Slender: The Arrival, is due out on PC some time later this year.

Source: MCV