Teenagers in Stockholm, Sweden probably took the world’s first ever synchronized crap in their pants when police busted into their room on January 27th. After receiving a report of gunfire and cries for help, local police raided the apartment complex only to find the teens playing the game of Call of Duty (I don’t which one, they weren’t that specific so don’t ask). Random passerby and neighbors heard the commotion and thought the gunfire was real which is what led to the police being called. In actuality, it was simply one of the boy’s characters being shot, and he was calling to his teammates for help.

The teenagers were playing the game “Call of Duty” Saturday night when one of the boy’s characters was killed after being shot several times and was left laying on the floor, screaming “help, help, help,” Swedish news agency TT reported.

A 10-man police raid was carried out on the apartment, and the police forced the boys outside. The boys explained that they were only playing a game and the police left the building without making any arrest or filling out any citations. Of course, many fellow fans are hoping that the teenager’s K/D weren’t effected by this incident.

Source: UPI