Crytek is set to open a new studio in Austin, Texas, comprised entirely of 35 former Vigil Games employees. Led by David Adams, co-founder of now shuttered developer, the new team will be the ninth studio in Crytek’s global operation.

Vigil was left orphaned last week after THQ went bankrupt, leaving the company’s staff and signature franchise – Darksiders – without a foreseeable future. The rumor that Bayonetta dev Platinum Games was interested in purchasing Vigil led to no visible fruition (though it is entirely possible that the studio has decided to headhunt individually rather than buy wholesale). Instead, in a surprising and encouraging move, Crytek has swooped in to scoop up some of talent left unemployed by Vigil’s closure.

Despite the good news, this is not a comprehensive rescue; the new studio will not work on a new Darksiders title, nor will it remain at Vigil’s former offices.

Which begs the tantalising question: what will they think of next?

Source: Gamespot