Following a lacklustre revenue report, EA has taken the Medal of Honor franchise “out of rotation”, blaming it for lower-than-expected earnings during the past quarter.

The most recent addition to the Medal of Honor family, Warfighter, received a generally negative response from critics, coming under fire for technical issues, general unoriginality and somewhat controversial marketing – negativity which even the stunning visuals and a peak position in the UK games chart could not offset. Peter Moore, COO at EA, argued that the game received “scores which were, frankly, lower than it deserved.”

Despite the blow – the Medal of Honor series has been around since 1999 – EA has seen some victories during the past quarter. FIFA 13 has brought in sales exceeding those of Fifa 12, and even Battlefield 3 has continued to bring in revenue; the Battlefield 3 Premium service managed to pull in 2.9 million subscribers. Nevertheless, with revenue lower than predicted, EA will be placing its attention squarely on upcoming big-name releases, particularly the highly anticipated Dead Space 3 and Crysis 3. For its part, Medal of Honor looks at this point unlikely to make a resurgence. In the words of Peter Moore:

“This one is behind us now.”

Source: Eurogamer