Do you like on-disc DLC? No? Will too bad, because Dead Space 3 apparently has a lot of it.

Most of the DLC revolves around upgrading the scavenger bots which help you find in-game loot and resources that you can use in the weapon-crafting system. There is a pack to upgrade the bot’s capacity, another for speeding up its loot collection and one for upgrading its personality, which is one I would probably avoid because if Sci-Fi movies taught me anything it’s that once robots start becoming more human and more attached than dead bodies of loved ones will soon follow.

“Everybody will find at least one of these bots in the game (and there a couple hidden ones to pick up, too). The Scavenger Bot is an autonomous robot that can harvest resources for you and deliver them to the Tool Construction bench,” Dead Space 3 executive producer Steve Papoutsis explained in a blog post addressing the various DLC packs.

The other DLC packs contain new weapons and suits, including content provided with special editions of the game, and there is also an online pass for any of terrible people who didn’t buy the game new.

You can expect Dead Space 3 in stores February 5th.

Source: EuroGamer