While I’m mostly a big team battle kind of guy in Halo 4 who enjoys showing off his Warthog skills by driving head first into the enemy base, killing everyone inside and then doing a rock guitar solo while simultaneously capturing the flag single handily (You can only do guitar solos if you have the ‘Rock Star’ specialization which 343 only gave away to badasses like me) but I understand that team doubles has always been a popular match-making playlist, which is why 343 is bringing it into rotation next week.

343 says they have been working ‘day and night’ getting the 2v2 playlist ready, which will include three different game types. Since this is Infinity Doubles, players can chose a custom loadout, have instant respawn and will have radar. Ordinance become available at the 70-point mark, but the upgrades in them will be adjusted for the playlist. Games are played to 300 points.

The other two mode are Doubles Pro which features preset loadouts and no radar, no instant respawns or personal ordinance, and CTF Doubles. Flag locations in CTF Doubles have been tweaked to “provide an optimal experience for small maps and teams” says 343.

The maps that will appear in the playlist are still being worked on though 343 said modified versions of Haven, Solace and Abandoned will be included as well, as some Forge-made maps.

Source: Gamespot