There has been plenty of exciting news this week. From the Delay of Grand Theft Auto 5 to the revelation that a new Prince of Persia is, in fact, not on the way. Scratch that: There has been plenty of saddening news this week. So, in order to attempt to alleviate some of this malaise and depression, I’m going to make you aware of a few of the stories that warmed my heart this week. Some of them restored my faith in humanity, other simply made me proud to be a gamer. Hopefully, they will give you the same feeling.


Not Pictured: One Badass Dwarf

Not Pictured: One Badass Dwarf

Visit Westeros, but with more Right Angels

Minecraft has created some pretty amazing shit. From whole fantasy worlds to faithful recreations of sci-fi classics, the game is a blank slate upon which players can dump their creativity and skill. Well now, a fan of the Game of Thornes has used Mojangs blocky Indie game to recreate King’s Landing, the Baratheon/Lanister seat of power in George R.R. Martin’s Epic Fantasy Novels/ Badass HBO show.

Its damn impressive when you get down to it. But it doesn’t stop with King’s Landing. The build is part of a larger project going by the name Westoroscraft. If you swing by and visit their site, you’ll see they have also created Harrenhall,dragon stone and the Eyrie. According to the Reddit thread that originally showed off the King’s Landing , the group also plans to add NPC’s to the map and create a RPG-esq environment.

No world on Minecraft prostitutes yet….


May be Vanilla, but this will still be my favorite raid...

May be Vanilla, but this will still be my favorite raid…

WoW: Coming Soon to A Theater Near You!

Well, not that soon, but  it was announced this week that Moon and Source Code director Duncan Jones has been signed to head the long anticipated and expected Blizzard cinema debut. With a budget north of $100 million in play, you can be sure that the WoW Movie will be shiny, but will it be good?

Frankly, it depends how they approach it. If they handle the Arthas or Illidan story lines, I’m hopeful. I’d even like to see a political draw focusing on the Horde-Alliance struggle, and well and anything involving Thrall, Janna, or Vol’jin. However, I fear that a new and original story might fall flat, not touching on enough of the source material, being too much of a lip service or just falling to the damn pit trap that is video game movies.

Casting will also be a big part of things, and hopefully they are able to secure some Class-A voice talent (or just actors if they some-how decide to make things live action…). The voice talent has always been rather good in WoW, but I’d love to see the Azerothian Supervillians make an appearance… maybe that’s just me…


That is a legitimate question Memeguy...

That is a legitimate question Memeguy…

Reasoned Debate and Discussion on Fox

Some of you might be saying “What the hell is this shit?”, but bear with me. As Bizarre as it might sound, there was one of the best discussions of video games and their role in shootings (or more appropriately their lack of role) of Fox News. This happened during a debate between Johnathan Hunt and Adam Sessler, Lead Editor of Revision3 Games. Give this a Listen:


Damn Reasonable and Fair if you ask me. Its nice to see that the argument that “Video games are a problem” seems to be loosing traction.  Sure, there are still some senators clinging to the idea that Games are more violent than guns, or that their influence needs to be studied and measured with the help of government. yet, despite all the doom saying  people don’t really seem to be falling for it.

Faith in Humanity: slowly growing…


Clusterfuck is the word you're looking for. Just, btw.

Clusterfuck is the word you’re looking for. Just, btw.

Freakin’ Huge EVE Battle is A Light Show

EVE is special. Special in the same way that a single man fighting off a flock of rabid seagulls is special. You don’t really understand whats going on, but your impressed, and have no fricken Idea how to help. This week, A massive battle went down in EVE that went viral and has attracted quite a bit of attention on the interwebs.

The brief account of what happened is thus: A lone pilot happened to misclick, using instead of locking a warp gate. This threw him into the middle of enemy territory. No doubt uttering a plethora of profanity, he called for help, realizing his ass would soon belong to the enemy corporation whose land he was trespassing in. His Allies arrived quickly, ready to defend him. More Enemies showed up. Then More allies. Rinse Repeat. The End Result?



Even if you’ve never played EVE, or never even heard about EVE, i should think you’d be able to appreciate that. That right there is what MMO’s are all about: Teamwork, Massive battles and Lag you can feel in your bones. I’ve got a lot of respect and love for the concept of EVE online, even if i don’t play it (much). Still, I’m still not sure what’s going on in that video….I mean…Damn…


I love this man's music.....

I love this man’s music…..

Jeremy Soule is a GOD I tell you! A GOD!

Do you Like Jeremey Soule? Who you say? Well, let me remind you.


Yep. Jermemy Soule is basically a god of video game music. He’s done almost all the Elder Scrolls games, Guild Wars and Guild Wars 2,

Dear friends, how many of you would be interested in attending (with me) an entire concert of Skyrim, Oblivion and Morrowind as performed by a world-renowned orchestra in New York?If so, please click ‘like’ on this post. Also, tell your friends, too. We need as many likes as possible. Thanks a million”

This was followed up by:

“And for the record, the sheet music and arrangements will all originate from me. This would be the authenticTES experience,I might even conduct…

I’d give a lot to go see this concert. Until Then, I’ll just listen to the Guild Wars 2 soundtrack again…


Well, that’s it for this week. You got some music, some games, some movie and some news! We hope that you’ll visit Pure Sophistry again next week for even more news and reviews!