Late last week a data miner with a penchant for spelunking was able to discover some interesting new tid bits of information about the upcoming Mass Effect 3 DLC. The world EXPLODED with the news, as Gamespot, Eurogamer and VG24/7 led the charge in spreading the headlines- ‘Mass Effect DLC Reckoning has NEW Co-op Single Player Missions!’


I decided to have a chat with TSA_383 the man behind the kitten face who actually did the work and found the leak- surprisingly, he says he was misquoted and mass media should be ashamed. 

So Mr.Kitten Face- what exactly did you discovery searching through game code of Mass Effect? 

Things I found were:
-The name of the DLC (reckoning) – as it was in the reddit leak of about a week ago.
-New Ultra-light materials mods for the assault rifle, shotgun and sniper rifle.
-References to all of the guns mentioned in the reddit leak in a multiplayer context.
^All this stuff was in the Coalesced files (.bin files that make up part of the patch).

Also extracted some of the .pcc files (.pcc being the mass effect equivalent of the .upk files commonly found in a lot of other unreal engine games) and found a really odd selection of stuff in one of them – references to paragon/renegade/reputation scores and such inside a file used for the multiplayer. There were new objective references and such done in a way that lead me to believe we might be seeing a new game mode in the next patch.

Now, in the previous multiplayer update which added the collectors, there was a reference to an entirely new game mode in the Coalesced that didn’t exist before, but I couldn’t work out whether or not it was actually being used. Given that a lot of the player base wants to see modes beyond “survive 10 waves, defend points, deliver pizzas” I figured that they were maybe working on some new mode or other.

Thus, when I saw the thing on reddit last week it intrigued me a bit, although I assumed that what with the reliability of things that have appeared on reddit/pastebin etc in the past (read: not that great) that it was likely the “leak” wasn’t particularly legit.

However, I managed to confirm on Thursday/Friday that at the very least the name of the DLC and the weapons to be added are correct in that reddit “leak” and so I posted about the interesting stuff I’d found in the .pcc files on that thread and to a few others in the community who like to take these things apart and see how they tick, in the hope that somebody would be able to confirm or dismiss what I’d found. At the time I thought it likely that the information posted to reddit a week ago might turn out to be entirely correct.

It was at this point that Gamespot (at least I think gamespot were the first) picked up on the story and suddenly it was like a bomb going off and there were a million plus hits to the various articles talking about “single-player co-op” being leaked in the mass effect series, when really I’ve not done anything bar confirming outright that the weapons and title were as posted to that major reddit story a week or so ago and suggest that I think a new multiplayer mode’s coming based on the info I have.

I might be right, but it’s not good journalism to go around saying this like it’s a sure thing and then sticking my name (even if not my actual name) to it.

Mass Effect 3 Screenshot

Have you made discoveries like this in the past?
Yeah, I was one of the first to take apart all the files from the “Extended Cut” and post bits of the script from Leviathan. That kinda sucked actually, took a lot of fun out of the DLC knowing exactly what was going to happen.
I was also one of the first to call the “Citadel” Single-Player DLC, which should be getting an announcement within the next couple of weeks.
Same with Omega, actually, I think the first references to that were in the multiplayer pack that added the Vorcha and the Krogan – I definitely wasn’t the first to look into that one though. Basically every bit of content that’s come out for ME3 has been predictable months in advance. In the Omega DLC itself in fact there were a bunch of bits of design and script notes that got completely left in – that DLC was going to have some very cool sections that ended up not making the final cut for some reason, I’ve attached the whole script from that as a .txt so you can have a look at it if you want some idea of the way these things are laid out.

Why is this sort of stuff left over so often?
Sometimes (as was the case with that Omega script or the script for Leviathan in the extended cut) it gets left in because people forget to remove it – it’s easy to do when you’re working under a tight schedule to get the next bit of content out, and it’s not the sort of thing QA would normally pick up on. They’ve got better recently though and have stopped doing things like releasing huge chunks of script for the world to see, so it’s more obscure references these days.

How have you been misquoted?

In short, a lot of places have said that I leaked info on single-player co-op – not quite true. I leaked info on upcoming weapons, mods and the name of the DLC, along with a few bits and pieces that suggested we’d be getting a new game mode. I did actually refer to the single-player co-op thing from reddit, since the other details from that have turned out to be correct, but it’s by no means a given and this will likely as not be a new multiplayer DLC launched to complement the “Citadel” single player DLC, with perhaps a new game mode and some new maps and weapons. The “Citadel” DLC is the more interesting bit to me now anyway



Clearly a new Mass Effect DLC is on the way, but saying this innovative dataminer found proof of co-op gameplay… just bad journalism. Head to the Clevernoob forums for ANY Mass Effect related updates. Just to tide you over here are two screen shots teased from Bioware late last week.