It depresses me more and more to see video rental stores close down. Not because I miss renting movies; Netflix has made that way easier, but because I miss renting games. Gamefly is no where near as reliable as Netflix and while Steam is amazing, not all of us have the PCs necessary to run some of the bigger triple A tittles. Sixty dollars is quite a bit to shell out for a new game nowadays and I guess I just missed the simplicity of it all; you rented a game, you brought it back, you and the store clerk eventually got on a first name basis and you could even pick up a bite to eat if you had one of those video stores that were connected to Giant Eagle by you.

Deloitte Lee Manning, the current acting administrator of Blockbuster UK, has described the process of trying to save the popular rental store as similar as being shot in the trenches.

“We try and save as many jobs as we can. But we can’t save all of them,” he told The Telegraph.

“We have to deal with people that are in distress both emotionally and financially. With people who want their money back. We are basically fighting in the trenches – but we get shot at by all sides.”

So far about 160 Blockbuster UK stores have been closed, and last Deloitte was appointed to oversea the fate of Blockbuster UK’s 4000 employees and 528 stores.

“Simply put, there is less demand for the physical product when people can buy it easier and cheaper online.”

While I do believe physical movie renting is now dead, there maybe still be a market for physical copy video game renting and maybe a store solely dedicated to it would strive a little better. Or maybe I’m just wrong.

Source: Game Industry