Geralt is back and he has a BEARD! Finally my sterile potion making monster will be bearded! Possibly this time with the ability to bang bar wenches….on next gen consoles! 

Game Informer has confirmed that CD Projekt RED’s new title is in fact Witcher 3 and guess what folks?…It’ll be open world  and 30 times the size of Witcher 2– though Witcher 2 consisted of a few rooms with evil flowers.  Game Informer’s March cover story will be focused entirely on the upcoming product and the new graphical heights it seeks to molest, this little tid bit could perhaps allude to it’s release on next gen consoles: 

“Coming in 2014 on PC and “all high-end platforms available” (CD Projekt RED isn’t saying flat-out that it’s a next-gen game, but it’s a safe bet that new console announcements in the coming months will define the term “high-end platform”), The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt stretches from stormy islands to war-torn forests and a sprawling dark fantasy metropolis without a loading screen anywhere to be found.”

Either way it seems Geralt will be back by 2014 and  will continue the terrible cliff hanger ending of Witcher 2. If listening to Europeans talk about games makes you giggle click below!

SOURCE: Game Informer