You like watching people fuck up? I know I do. It helps my frail, tiny ego watching people more successful than myself screw up so I can take solace in that for one moment that person knows how I feel almost everyday of my life as I sit here writing articles about video games knowing that my life is going to end with me alone, unloved and forgotten within a decade. I completely forgot what I was talking about……Oh yeah, gag reel for L.A. Noire!

Depth Analysis, the company behind the MotionScan face-scanning technology used in L.A. Noire, has released a gag reel of bloopers from the game.

The video was posted on the company’s website and is a five-minute compilation put together by Depth Analysis staffer Sam Henman and features outtakes from the MotionScan recording process.

It seems like the game has been making a lot of noise lately and I can’t help wondering if maybe we will be hearing news of a sequel in the near future.

Source: Gamespot