Since I am twenty-one, work from home and have no girlfriend, I have a lot of times to watch cartoons. One show I have been keeping up is the new Ninja Turtles series that just premiered on Nick a couple of months ago, and it is pretty damn good. It’s a good blend of the 80’s cartoon, and the 2003 one where it is funny and well written but doesn’t take itself too seriously. Of course, I am not getting paid to talk about TV shows so here is where those first three sentences become relevant: Activision will develop and publish at least three new games based around the new Ninja Turtles series.

As part of the agreement, Activision has secured the global game right to TMNT, and the first game is due out this summer for unspecified platforms.

Will Activision be able to make a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles game as good as Turtles in Time? I don’t know, and I don’t care because the new episode is on tonight where they will get a first look at what high school is like as they try to stop the Krang. Oh the high jinks they will get into!

And for those of you wondering, Leonardo hands down.

Source: Gamespot