Demos are becoming more and more of a rare sight now a days. Though it seems the reason is developers want you to buy their product first before you decide it is crap.

While speaking to a crowd at DICE 2013, the CEO of crowd designed gaming site Puzzle Clubhouse used data from Xbox 360 releases to show that games tend to sell better when gamers were still waiting to try them for the first time.

“You mean we spent all this money making a demo and getting it out there, and it cut our sales in half?” Jesse Schell stated, as reported by PCGamesN. “Yes, that’s exactly what happened to you.

“The things with no demo, you’ve gotta buy it if you want to try it,” he continued. The risk you take in making a demo is that people will try your game, but that’s all they’ll ever do. They may not have the desire to then go on and buy the full game.”

Instead of releasing a demo, Schell argues that videos or other media that increases consumer’s want for a game are far more effective.

I understand releasing a demo is time consuming and costs money, so I can see why they are slowly making their way out. Though I don’t think videos really do a good job conveying how a game plays either.

Source: MCV