For those of you who grew up using a Xbox Controller as a pacifier, Tetris was a popular game for Gameboy, Super Nintendo, cell phones and pretty much anything that had a screen and buttons on it. In fact, I bet your smart phones might even have a demo of it on there that you never noticed because you are too busy playing Angry Birds. However, if you are the kind of person who gets addicted to playing Bejeweled, then I have some good news because Tetris is getting the same free-to-play treatment called Tetris Blitz.

Tetris Blitz is described as “an innovative new twist on the world famous puzzle game” that “contains fresh new features and stunning visuals for the ultimate Tetris experience.”

Tetris Blitz is setup in the same vein as the other puzzle-Blitz game Bejeweled Blitz with a two-minute clock, and players seeing how high of a score they can rack up in that time. The game also features a wide variety of power-ups and can connect to Facebook.

Tetris Blitz wraps all of the best elements of the iconic Tetris game inside a bite-sized, frenzied experience that is perfect for smartphones and tablets,” EA All Play’s senior VP and GM Nick Earl stated.

“The crisp graphics, innovative new controls and social leaderboards are bound to make Tetris Blitz a captivating gaming experience for long-time Tetris fans and newcomers alike.”

You can get Tetris Blitz on Android or iOS.

Source: MVC