Crytek seems to be spreading its love all over the world as they have just announced opening their eighth studio in Istanbul. Since Crytek already has a studio in Kiyv, many analysts are predicting a opening in Toronto soon so Crytek can, as they say in the business, own all the “purple spaces” and start building some hotels (yes, my mom did help me write that Monopoly joke. Thank you for asking). Opening a studio in Istanbul does have some significance for Crytek as Turkey is the original home of the company’s founding Yerli brothers. CEO Cevat Yerli said that they have been wanting to invest there for some time.

Crytek Istanbul will focus on Crytek’s free-to-play shooter Warface and the streaming social gaming service GFACE. Crytek will also be putting more effort into supporting CryEngine growth in the Middle East, Turkey and North Africa.

Crytek’s Istanbul studio is their second expansion in six months. The company opened its Shanghai, China studio in August and the company’s linage also extends from the company’s headquarters in Germany to satellite studios in Hungary, Ukraine, Bulgaria, South Korea and UK.

Crytek’s expansion into Istanbul is just one of the many more steps forward for the Far Cry developers, and hopefully they will only continue to grow and create more amazing games.

Source: Game Industry