Starting Feburary 28, the PS Vtia will see a cut in price in both the Wifi and 3G models in Japan.

The hand-held will drop from its 24,980 yen ($266) and 29,980 yen ($319) launch price-for the Wi-Fi and 3G/Wi-Fi model, respectively–to a 19,980 yen ($213) for both versions.

Now the question is whether we will see these same price cuts in the West. Sony has always had trouble keeping their portable systems afloat and have never really bested Nintendo’s. But with the rise of  portable gaming in the form of smart phones, their competition has only grown.

Sony can price cut the Vita as much as they want, but I feel they need to focus on their software and some better marketing if they want PS Vita to succeed.

Source: Gamespot