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"But, we used all the executive speak we could!"

“But, we used all the executive speak we could!”


PS4 Announced: SELL!

There was a little announcement you probably saw this week. Something about a PlayStation and the number after 3? I don’t know, seemed kind of overblown if you ask me.

Sony’s announcement of the PlayStation 4 certainly sent shock waves through the internet and gaming news world, but you may be surprised to know that the same thing did not happen in the financial world. In fact, things were pretty dismal in Japan…

“Sony’s Japanese stock dropped 24 points, or around 1.7% (at time of writing), following the company’s “PlayStation 4 announcement” event. It looks like Japanese investors were not as impressed with Sony’s new console as many others were.”

In reality, with economics being all confusing and shit, there are a lot of factors at play here (like the fact that they didn’t show us the god-damn machine yet!). One factor that the Escapist’s Steven Bogo’s brought up may stand out as a little odd.

“There is one more possible reason that may seem a bit… strange. Many Japanese people are incredibly superstitious, and 4 is a bad number. In Japanese, “death” and “four” can both be pronounced as “shi,” so they try to avoid it in all circumstances. It’s not uncommon to have level 4 on apartment buildings renamed to level 3A, or skipped entirely.”

Oh Japan! Don’t you ever change! In a more Educational tone, this is a really good example of the effect of culture on economics. You can almost never truly count on figuring in all the factors.

Still. Showing us the machine would have helped…


Don't Mess With Nelson!

Don’t Mess With Nelson!

Major Nelson Weighs In

Major Nelson, or as he is known IRL by the tag Larry Hryb, was a huge facet of the XBox community, hosting the show Inside XBox until it was cancelled. As such, you might imagine him to be a fan of Microsoft, and a Mortal Enemy of the Playstation.

The XBox-Veteran had this to say in response to the typhoon of Sony news:

I have to say, I agree with the Major. I’m by no means attached to the XBox or Playstation camp: We all know that the PC is the gaming Master Race. While Sony had some pretty amazing things to show off, the lack of a console made the entire event feel a little empty. They very well may not have yet  But enough about Sony and the Playstation 4! On to other ridiculous things!



Ah, the memories. Also: Ah, the Pixels.

Ah, the memories. Also: Ah, the Pixels.


Play Runescape Like it is 2007

Runescape, for all you young whipper snappers out there, is a grandpappy of the internet gaming world. The free, browser based MMO was played in junior high schools everywhere, and involved slaying monsters, fishing and of course, building fires. Well, Runescape’s developer Jagex has taken things in a very unexpected way:

‘In response to high community demand, Runescape developer Jagex launched a petition system to determine whether or not it would relaunch of a version of the game servers as they existed in 2007. Many vocal Runescape players feel that this era, before the implementation of a new, hotbar-based combat system and some other controversial features, presented a superior experience. As of now, the petition has passed the 50,000-player milestone and guaranteed that the servers will go live. Further milestones will reduce the subscription price for the classic game and possibly lead to the creation of a new team to create new content independent of “mainstream” Runescape.”

This isn’t a straight democracy though: only subscribing members of the Runescape community could vote (not that that seems to have slowed anything down). I’m pretty intrigued by this development to be honest. Is thus nostalgia triumphing over a out-of touch developer, or holding a community back? Was Runescape really better back then? Who’s opinion do you follow: the loyal fan, or the new player experiencing things for the first time.

Nostalgia can be an interesting beast to tame, and I think that Runescape is a good example of the problems developers face when trying to tackle it.



The Indie version of Indie Gaming

The Indie version of Indie Gaming

Watch Notch Program……long…
Notch and Mojang are pretty sweet, right? Humble Bundle is freaking awesome, yeah? Well, what if you took them both, smashed them together, threw in a live-stream and a bunch of never before seen games created in the span of 3 days?

Then You’d have the Second Annual Mojam.

Mojang and friends are back to game jam the night away — live!Indie studios Mojang, Grapefrukt, Ludosity, Oxeye Game Studio, Vlambeer, and Wolfire Games are all going to spend the next 78 hours crafting games…You’ll also be able to watch Mojang, Vlambeer, Pietepiet (more Vlambeer!), Grapefrukt, Ludosity, and Wolfire as they work through their livestreams!

This is like a freakin hoyl grail for indie game fans. If you follow indie gaming at all, its worth watching the stream for a while, and a near requirement to actually buy the bundle.

Though, I’ve got strong opinions on the Humble Bundle.

AND NOW, for something completely different…except its not really that unexpected to be honest…




Cats: The Award Ceremony

Yep. Speaking of other Number Two’s, the Second Internet Cat Video Festival will be making its way to the Minnesota State Fair this august.


I don’t even know what to say. Sure, Cats are fine, and god damn it if that little girl who told the story about kittens (inspired by kittens) wasn’t adorable as hell, but really? We already have an entire website devoted to cats and funny phrases, can’t we leave it there? Hell, LolCats even got its own TV show.

Sometimes, I think Cats give the Internet a bad name.

I mean, we could be looking at pictures of dogs. Yeah, Dogs are freakin awesome.