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Want a Crazy ‘MMO’? Here’s a Crazy ‘MMO’.

Multiplayer Games are fun. Not only do you have the game itself, but you also have the oh-so-wonderful bit of human interaction. Fighting Bots may be great, but a bot will never choose to do something stupid in order to mislead you, or play the game so wrong that they actually play it better than you ever could.

Well, if your a fan of playing with others, add Bombermine to the list. Having spent some time playing this game , i can sya you should get a few friends together, fire this up, potentially crack a beer or two (please drink responsibility), and have fun.

In a line, Bombermine is Bomberman the MMO. Dozens of little bombermen running around trying to get the best Kill-to-Death ratio It’s a bucket of unlicensed fun, and its my weekly recommendation. Me and an old friend managed to spend a couple of hours playing this game, through the highs and the lows, and it was a great bit of free fun.  Enjoy!



My Redstone Creations Are Bad, and I should Feel Bad…

Minecraft Makes a Machine

Minecraft continues to be an amazing game, and one that’ll certainly be in the great book of gaming history. Its unique, has spawned a whole slew of different games, and pretty much defined the idea of an open-ended game.

But there’s another side to Minecraft. The side that often times fills me with both Awe and Fear. It is the side with those people that, inside a game, create machines of unimaginable worthlessness.

Take for example this creation I learned about this week:

Its a goddamn printer. In Minecraft. A kid, who sounds like he is maybe 7 created a printer in minecraft, and I’ve got no damn idea how he did it. Suffice to say, it made me a feel a little bit incompetent….




My Feeling’s after Metzen Spoke…


Blizzard Going to Pax East. Will They Dash Our Hopes Again?

If you watched the PS4 announcement, you likely know what I’m referencing, but for those who didn’t, here is the story:

During the announcement proceedings of the Playstation 4, Blizzard’s Chris Metzen took the stage. Blizzards been a PC company through and through, so seeing them at a PS4 announcement, and unannounced at that, was pretty damn surprising. With rumors that blizzard is working on an as yet unannounced project, code named Titan. Instead of that, we got the stunning anouncement that Diablo 3 will be coming to the PS4.

Well, Blizzard announced that they;’ll be making there way to Pax East with something brand new. yes, they’ll be showing off Diablo on the PS4, but they have smething else super special in store for those visiting Boston.

Totally doesn’t begin with a “T”




“The Resurrection of The War Z”

You Can’t Kill that with Does Not Live

So, the War Z was a bit of a mess all in all. It didn’t launch well, got horrible press, generally pissed users and followers off alike, and straight up lied on its original Steam page. Oh, and lets not forget the mindbogglingly ridiculous interview given by , who said:

Well, after it was originally removed from Steam, the War Z has emulated its subject matter quite successfully, returning form the grave to stalk the forums and pages of Steam once again. Its steam page has changed rather drastically though, so consider that when you think about the game’s honest streak.

Honestly, more choice is always better. Even Very VERY bad choices. So, I heartily encourage you to go visit the Steam page of The War Z, and then leave it for something better, like the recently released Steam Page for the Day Z Mod!




Well, when this is a Company’s Logo, you can bet they’re a little unorthodox…

Valve: The Committee to Create Committees

Valve is a special company. Its created some of the greatest games of our generation, and continues to be an inspiration to PC gamers around the world.

However, sometimes I just think that valve is just a bit weird.

Now, clearly, I don’t really have a basis to judge, since Valve is doing just fine, but I read an interesting article this week which talked about the firing and hiring process at Valve:

“In many occasions people simply don’t fit in not because they’re not productive or good people, but because they just can’t function very well in a boss-less environment. And then there are series of discussions between co-workers and the person whose firing is being canvased or discussed, and at some point if it seems there is no way that a consensus can emerge that this person can stay, some attractive offer is made to the particular person, and usually there’s an amicable parting of ways.”

Not too crazy, but what about Hiring?

“Let’s say you and I have a chat in the corridor, or in some conference room, or wherever. The result of this chat is that we converge to the view that we need an additional software engineer, or animator, or artist, or hardware person. Or several of them. What we can do is, we can send an email to the rest of our colleagues at Valve and invite them to join us in forming a search committee that actually looks for these people without seeking anyone’s permission in the hierarchy, simply because there is no hierarchy.”

As a person who has started at a job which definitely does have a hierarchy, i find this whole idea very strange. It clearly does fine at valve, but its always kind of interesting to run into these kind of stories and learn how different groups of people handle things we all know in our everyday lives.