Head honcho at Valve and the Santa Clause of the video game world Gabe Newell revealed that Valve saw a 50% increase in business last year. While speaking in an interview after at the British Academy Games Awards last week, where he accepted a BAFTA Fellowship, Mr. Newell attributed the success to having an open-platform for creators to work with and spoke of the importance of the player as a proactive figure in future game development.

“There’s an insatiable demand for gaming right now,” he said in the interview.

“I think in the last year our business has grown about 50 per cent on the back of the opportunities that have been created by having these open platforms. And just so people sort of understand the scale of how big it’s getting… so like the last Dota 2 update we were generating 3 and a half terabytes per second, so that’s about 2 per cent of of all of the mobile and land based internet activity was just for a single game update.”

Gabe is also looking towards to future and he expects communal game design to flourish even more.

“If you think of a multiplayer game or a social game really as being a collaboration between a game designer and a community, we continue to see that.

“We have stuff like the workshop where we’re actually drawing users in and they’re making 300,000 Euros a year generating content for each other.”

Source: CVG,