Even after the colossal failure that was SimCity, Bunige isn’t worried about server issues with their newest game Destiny, stating that they have experience when dealing with the launch of a new game.

“This isn’t our first rodeo,” the developer said as part of its latest Mail Sack. “Bungie is no stranger to anxious mobs of players who rush home after a midnight launch and put our best-laid plans to the test.”

Bungie’s confidence probably stems from their multiple Halo launches during the past and have generally seen very smooth results. Though it should be noted that Destiny is an online only experience, which of course was not the case for any of the Halo games.

Speaking of community questions, another question popped up asking Bungie if perhaps the players could play as the aliens in Destiny. Bungie answered the question in their normal Bungie fashion.

“Not all of the aliens in Destiny are evil, just like not all humans are good,” Bungie said. “We’ve barely scratched the surface on the character and customization options you’ll have access to in Destiny, but we’re not going to dig in any deeper today.”

Destiny is expected to launch some time in 2014.

Source: Gamespot