EA has unveiled a new teaser site for Battlefield 4, displaying precious little detail aside from an invitation to “come back March 27 for a first look at gameplay”.

BF4 burry

The site is – quite literally – rather slick, showing a film of rainwater that can only be partly wiped away at any one time with a swipe of the curser. The image behind is blurry, but appears to show tanks rolling through a cityscape. Visitors who log in with their Origin account get a more complete view, as well as an “I Was There” dog tag to use in Battlefield 3:

BF4 clear

The game is expected to be officially unveiled later this week, and though no release date has been announced, the prevailing rumor is that it will arrive this Q4, and will be available for next-gen as well as current consoles – and, presumably, PC.

Whether or not EA will drip-feed the general public more detailed content over the next five days remains to be seen, but the new website infers that as more people visit the site whilst logged in to their Origin account, more images will be revealed.

Source: MCV